Replace Your Dentures and Restore Your Smile

DenturesDentures are a great solution to many dental issues, but they don’t last forever. A general rule of thumb is that dentures need to be replaced every 3-8 years. Everyone’s mouth is different, so you may find that you need a new set after more or less time.

Considering being fitted for your first set of dentures? This is a conservative, cost-effective solution to those who are missing many or all of their teeth. Since dentures are removable, they are a flexible option.

Ready for New Dentures?

While many patients prefer options like bridges, crowns, or implants, many patients choose dentures as an affordable option. They are an especially good choice if you are missing a lot of teeth.

Complete Dentures

If all of your teeth are missing, a complete denture can be made to fit either the upper arch, the lower arch, or both. A complete denture is made of a hard acrylic material that fits snugly over the gums.

To increase stability and preserve jawbone, complete dentures can be anchored on their underside using dental implants and attachments. Feel free to discuss with us the advantages and disadvantages of tooth replacement using complete dentures.

Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture basically consists of an acrylic framework to simulate gum tissue and replacement teeth. In traditional dentures, the framework was composed of metal with clasps that grabbed onto the remaining teeth for stability. Acrylic gum tissue sat over the missing teeth areas, and plastic teeth were housed in the acrylic.

Thanks to modern advances, dentures these days are more comfortable and work more similarly to natural teeth. We now have non-metal, flexible, nylon framework partials that patients enjoy because of their increased comfort and aesthetics.

Schedule an Appointment for a New Set of Dentures

Regardless of which denture design you choose, metal or flexible nylon, the denture needs to be taken out and cleaned at night and stored wet to minimize drying out, distortion, and maximize oral hygiene. Be sure to ask the staff here at Windsor Family Dentistry not only which is right for you, but also how to care for your denture and the anchoring teeth.

Whether you need to replace your current dentures or are looking for your first set, we can help! Schedule your appointment online or by calling (970) 686-1186.