Trick or Treat Without the Sweets!

It’s approaching that time of year again when things begin to get a little spooky. Pumpkins take on fanged features while your neighbors set up their annual front-yard cemeteries and don the trees with spider webs. Best of all, the kids get so excited to dress up on Halloween night and trick-or-treat with the friends and family. Here at Windsor Family Dentistry, we get excited too (after all, we’re parents as well) but worry about the effects that high quantities of sugary candy will have on their dental health. While a little candy is perfectly fine, more and more parents are choosing to both limit the amount of candy their kids consume and replace their hand-outs with alternatives to sweets. Here are just a few of the many fun options that kids will love just as much as Halloween treats.

  1. Glow Sticks – These can be a big hit on Halloween night for kids of all ages and help to make kids more visible to vehicles at night.
  1. Temporary Halloween Tattoos – Nothing improves a witch costume like a bat tattoo on one’s cheek.
  1. Plastic Fangs – These are fun for all ages and are especially popular with little boys.
  1. Spider Rings – These are great for little kids who love to play dress-up.
  1. Mini Flashlights – These make great handouts after dark for safety reasons and can be relatively inexpensive if purchased in bulk.
  1. Bouncy Balls – These are tons of fun even after Halloween night and come in every color imaginable.
  1. Bottled Juice and Water – All that running from one house to the next is bound to make kids thirsty, and if they don’t want it, you sure will!
  1. Loose Change – This may seem unusual, but younger kids especially will love finding a quarter or two hidden in their spoils.
  1. Fun Key Chains – These can be glitter balls, skeletons or an assortment of other fun items found at your local party store.
  1. Coloring Books – These can be purchased at your local party store or made at home by printing and stapling coloring pictures found online.

Happy Halloween from Windsor Family Dentistry!