Teeth Whitening

The whitening of teeth, also referred to as “bleaching” is a very popular procedure that many people are utilizing to give their teeth a lighter, brighter, and stronger appearance. A bright white smile can project a sense of good overall health and projects confidence in oneʼs self.

Aside from trauma, our teeth can naturally darken over time, as a result of smoking or other tobacco products, or from the consumption of heavily tinted foods and drink like coffee, tea, and soda. Furthermore, teeth can be stained darker due to developmental disturbances like medications prescribed, the quality of water consumed, or even illnesses as a child resulting in a fever.

Teeth can be whitened professionally using two main approaches: take-home bleach kits using trays and/or in-office power bleaching. Should you decide to home bleaching is best suited for you, one of our staff here at Windsor Family Dentistry will take impressions of your teeth and custom fit you for your own personal trays that will hold a small amount of whitening gel. Your bleach tray will be designed to fit only your teeth and the contours of your gums. You are then in control of your whitening and can adjust when, how long, and where you wish to wear your trays. You will control how light your teeth will become and best of all, can keep your trays so that in the future should you wish to go lighter, or just touch up with a little bleaching, you will always have your trays and can simply reorder bleach gel as necessary. Keep in mind increased frequency and duration of gel contact with your teeth dictates how light your teeth get, so you are in charge.

If you decide you would benefit from in-office power bleaching, we will use a lightening gel so powerful it can only be used under professional supervision. We apply an impermeable barrier to your gums to keep the gel off everything but your teeth and then activate the bleach with a light-specific curing light. The process takes roughly one hour. We recommend using the in-office bleach in conjunction with home bleaching trays to not only achieve a rapid lightening effect, but then maintain it with your trays. Should your teeth be more intensely stained either from developmental disturbances, oral habits, or you just want the lightest possible shade available, in-office bleaching is a very appropriate option.

Please ask us about bleaching options and whether your teeth would be appropriate candidates for this exciting procedure. We will be happy to design a bleaching program best suited for you!