Many of our patients here are children and young adults, and the benefits of fluoride to their developing teeth has been proven extensively. But did you know that even with proper brushing and flossing there are still portions of the teeth that are susceptible to decay? As soon as the first permanent molars come in to the mouth, the process of decay begins. The deep grooves in the chewing surfaces of the teeth make ideal conditions for food and bacteria to accumulate. Our toothbrush bristles can only reach down so far into these grooves. Whatʼs left behind becomes the foundation for demineralization and cavities of the most susceptible part of our teeth.

Sealants can protect these teeth from cavities. Sealants are a tooth-colored resin material that bonds into the deep pits and fissures of the back teeth, thus eliminating the niche that bacteria thrive in and preventing the enamel from subsequent breakdown. Although children and young adults are the most ideal candidates for sealants, adults can benefit from them as well. Sealants are placed by our hygienists, and they can let you know which teeth will benefit most from sealant application.