Partial Dentures

A very efficient means of replacing many missing teeth is through the use of a removable partial denture. It is the most cost effective way to restore chewing harmony and stabilize the teeth. The most natural and life-like way of replacing missing teeth is through the use of dental implants and/or bridgework. But if there arenʼt any teeth behind the missing tooth space to anchor a bridge, then implants become the only viable option. If implants cannot be placed due to lack of suitable bone or other medical factors that may impede healthy bone production, then a partial denture needs to be considered.

A removable partial denture basically consists of a framework, acrylic to simulate gum tissue, and the replacement teeth. Traditionally, the framework was composed of metal with clasps that grab on to the remaining teeth for stability. Acrylic gum tissue sat over the missing teeth areas, and plastic teeth sit in the acrylic. We now have non-metal flexible nylon framework partials that patients enjoy because of their increased comfort and esthetics.

Regardless of which partial denture design you choose, metal or flexible nylon, the denture needs to be taken out and cleaned at night and stored wet to minimize drying out, distortion, and maximize oral hygiene. Be sure to ask the staff here at Windsor Family Dentistry not only which partial is right for you, but how to care for your denture and the anchoring teeth.