Onlays and Inlays

For situations where a large restoration needs to be placed, yet there is still sufficient tooth structure remaining that a full crown would be too invasive, an onlay can be utilized. An onlay, or inlay, depending on where the restoration fits, is effectively a partial crown. Like a crown, itʼs made of ceramic or gold and is cemented on the tooth. It typically works best when a cusp or only part of the tooth is fractured due to decay, trauma, or aging older restoration. When more tooth needs replacement, a crown becomes a better solution. We will recommend the restoration that is best for you based on your individual situation.

Here at Windsor Family Dentistry, we are able to restore crowns and onlays using Cerec CAD/CAM technology. Using an advanced camera, a digital impression is taken of your tooth. This allows us to design the restoration virtually on a computer eliminating the need for impressions, temporaries, and a return visit. For more detailed information about Cerec technology, please visit our “Same Day Crowns” section on this website.