Hungry? Improve Your Smile with These 8 Healthy Foods!

Regular brushing and flossing may be helpful for keeping your teeth bacteria and plaque free, but they can hardly take the credit for your oral health as a whole. In fact, numerous factors such as how much water you drink, your sugar consumption and even genetics can impact whether your teeth stay strong and resistant to decay. Recently, dental researchers have been investigating the effects of certain foods whose contents have shown to be beneficial to your oral health. Pretty neat, huh? Like always, your friends here at Windsor Family Dentistry want to help you stay in the know about the best strategies for perfecting your smile.

Cheese and other dairy: Diary products are a great source of calcium, which is essential for keeping your teeth healthy and strong. Many cheeses also contain casein, a type of protein which research suggests plays a significant role in repairing tooth enamel.

Leafy Greens: Leafy vegetables such as cabbage, chard and spinach are loaded with vitamins (magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin C) that play an important role in keeping your whole body healthy, especially your mouth!

Apples, carrots and celery: Fruits and vegetables that are naturally high in fiber physically scrub your teeth as you chew them. This process removes plaque and food particulates, leaving you with a freshly-brushed feeling.

Water: Water is essential for keeping up your body’s production of saliva. This contains enzymes that help to dissolve food, remove bacteria and strengthen your teeth. Saliva is made up of 90% water, so if you want to stay cavity-free stay hydrated.

Sugarless gum: Sugarless gum can help to clean your teeth and prevent decay by stimulating your mouth to produce more saliva. Saliva is your body’s natural way of dissolving lodged food particles and strengthening your tooth’s enamel with calcium and phosphate.

Green and black teas: Green and black tea both contain polyphenols, which have been shown to slow the growth of cavity-causing bacteria on your teeth. They also help to prevent bad breath!

Cranberries: Like teas, cranberries contain polyphenols. These are compounds which may help to prevent plaque from forming on your teeth by discouraging bacteria from clumping together.

Raisins: Unlike candies, raisins are naturally sweet and don’t contain sucrose or table sugar. These sweeteners cause plaque to build up by allowing bacteria to stick to your teeth. Additionally, raisins contain phytochemicals, which may kill cavity-causing plaque bacteria.