Dental Implants

We are fortunate today that we live in an era when missing teeth can be replaced using
techniques that very closely resemble natural teeth without having to alter any
surrounding teeth. Dental implants can replace teeth using a form of artificial
root replacement that anchors directly into jaw bone. This implant is compatible with the
human body, very strong, and will never decay. Additionally, the presence of the implant
in bone will help to prevent loss of periodontal bone in the jawbone. There are many
advantages to dental implants over other restorations to replace teeth.

– Fit and feel like natural teeth
– Maximum esthetics
– Increased strength for chewing
– No need to alter neighboring teeth
– Preservation of jawbone

How Implants Work
If a tooth needs to be extracted be it from decay, damage, or infection, the area to be
restored with an implant will be evaluated for several factors. Is there healthy bone? Is
there adequate bone to support the implant?

After determining the suitability of the site for the implant, a titanium implant is surgically
placed in to the bone. From there, natural bone must grow into and around the implant,
a process called osseointegration.

After a firm implant is achieved, a part called an abutment will lock into the implant itself.
Finally, on top of the abutment, a crown is fabricated that will serve as the new, naturalappearing

Many Uses For Implants
Dental implants can be used for many applications. It can replace one tooth. Implants
can be placed over long edentulous spans and a fixed bridge attached to it to replace
many missing teeth. Implants can also be used with modified attachments to secure a
partial or even complete denture for increased strength.

Here at Windsor Family Dentistry, we work to restore dental implants to their best condition. If you have a dental implant that needs to be restored, please contact our office.