Brighten Up! 5 Tips for Whiter Teeth

Beautiful white teeth can be seen everywhere you look, from the actors on television to your colleagues at work. White teeth convey an esthetic of cleanliness and health, and this trend is set to accelerate in the future. This is because more and more people are taking advantage of new whitening treatments now recommended at most dental practices, including us here at Windsor Family Dentistry! So, are your teeth as pearly white as you would like? You can achieve a glowing smile by following these easy whitening tips!

1. Try It: Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables. Crunchy foods like apples and carrots have a natural abrasiveness that helps to remove plaque and other staining substances. These natural tooth brushes not only give your teeth the illusion of being whiter, but are healthy for you as well!

2. Do It: Regular Flossing. Do you floss regularly? You’ll be surprised how much this simple task can help to brighten your smile. When food particles get caught between your teeth they can leave behind stains and discoloring decay. Remember, flossing once a day keeps the decay at bay!

3. Try It: Avoid Staining Foods. We’ve all heard about how tobacco products can leave unsightly staining on our teeth, but did you know that the same could occur when you eat certain foods? Darkly colored beverages and foods like berries, beets, soysauce, coffee and red wine can leave your teeth looking dingy if consumed frequently. To avoid this, try rinsing your mouth with water after enjoying these foods.

4. Do It: Bleaching Treatments. Looking for a quick and easy solution for a brilliant smile? Here at Windsor Family Dentistry we offer dental “bleaching”, a very popular treatment that can deliver fast, beautiful results. We two different approaches: a light-activated whitening treatment that takes place in our office and takes roughly an hour, and a take-home whitening kit that uses a gel and customized tray. Ask us about our whitening treatments during your next visit, and we will be happy to help you decide which method is best suited for you.

5. Try It: Say Cheese! Research suggests that eating cheese may actually help to strengthen your enamel, the outermost and hardest layer of your teeth. It’s a milk protein called casein at work here, along with calcium and phosphate, which help to re-mineralize your teeth and give you a stronger and healthier smile.

Have a question about how you can brighten your smile? Call us today and ask us about our solutions in cosmetic dentistry!