Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is this Sunday May 11th!

It’s that time of year again to show your mom how much she means to you!

Celebrations honoring mothers and motherhood can be traced back to Greek and Roman times, originating with festivals honoring the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. In modern times, Mother’s Day as we know it was established as a national holiday in 1908 by Anna Jarvis. It has been traditionally celebrated by the giving of flowers, cards or other gifts, but family-centered activities and meals are common too. How does your family usually celebrate?

Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for you to express your gratitude for all the love and support your Mom has provided to you through your lifetime. It’s your chance to share her how much she means to you, and show your appreciation for the impact she has had on your life.
Rather than just giving her Hallmark’s finest, why not make her feel truly special this year by doing something fun as a family? Here are a few creative ideas for activities that make this Mother’s Day rich in meaning and memories for years to come!

1. Take her out for a gourmet picnic in the park: Throw together a tasty mixture of nuts, fruit, cheeses, deli cold cuts, French bread and chocolates for a fun, healthy meal in the sunshine. Maybe include a bottle of white wine too if the kids are grown!
2. Fly kites together: Is it breezy out? Why not fly kites? This is a team activity full of excitement, skill and plenty of laughter.
3. Watch old home videos together: This activity is a blast and great bonding time for the whole family. Both the kids and parents will love laughing at the old clothing styles and goofy candid moments.
4. Queen for a day: Treat your mom to three whole meals planned and prepared by dad and the kids. Include her favorite foods, or maybe make reservations for dinner at a nice restaurant.
5. Plant a flower garden: Make Mother’s Day last through the summer months and beyond by planting a bed of her favorite flowers. Young kids will love discovering earthworms and lady bugs in the fresh soil.
6. Go for a wildlife walk: Do you have open space by your house? Spring time means that the birds, deer and other local animals will be out and active. Grab some binoculars and view them from a safe distance.
7. Play a board game: Monopoly, Masterpiece and the Game of Life are all excellent ways to bond with your family over some friendly competition.
8. Family outing: Is your local zoo or museum open? Go see the animals or explore the exhibits for a fun and educational family activity.
9. Visit the grandparents: Your grandmother is a mother too! Make Mother’s Day special for three generations by spending quality time with your grandparents.
10. Bake something: Few things bring a family closer together than cooking a cake or pie from scratch and then enjoying it together. Give everyone a task in the kitchen and sample the frosting frequently!

However you choose to celebrate, we at Windsor Family Dental wish you and your family the very best on Mother’s Day!

Dental Snickers Not Dental Jitters

Let’s admit it. Dental visits aren’t exactly a summer stroll in the park. But here in Windsor, we hope to bring a smile to your face when looking for a local family dentist. 

Many people find it difficult to completely relax in a dentist’s chair. Effective and comfortable care depends on trust, and trust rarely comes naturally when dealing with strangers. At Windsor Family Dental, our goal is to establish a bond of trust with you, so that a routine examination can become a visit with friends. And do you know what friends do? They laugh together. Sure, it might make cleaning your teeth a tiny bit more difficult, but believe us, your happiness is worth it. Allow us to make the first step toward a genuine partnership you can trust, by presenting a collection of our favorite dental jokes. They are as follows:

What did the dentist of the year get? A little plaque.

What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear.

What do you call a dentist that doesn’t like tea? A denis.

Why did the dentist seem moody? He always looks down in the mouth.

What did the tooth say to the dentist as he was leaving? Fill me in when you get back.

What’s the best time to go see the dentist? Tooth-hurty.

What’s the difference between a dentist and a New Yorker? One yanks for the roots and the other roots for the Yanks.

A dentist and a manicurist fought tooth and nail.

If you know a dental joke, or even one unrelated to dentistry, bring it with you to your next appointment and tell the staff. Spread the joy! You might just help a fellow patient beat their nerves!


Help your kid to kick out tooth decay!

Do you know what’s harder than remembering to brush and floss your own teeth? Training your kids to take responsibility for their own oral hygiene. They’re always so eager to don their pajamas and race off to their room, but forgetting the most important chore, they end up getting yanked back to the bathroom by mom. It’s the same story we hear comically repeated in virtually every context where a child is required to remember some mundane aspect of personal hygiene.

“Have you scrubbed behind your ears?”

“Did you brush your hair after your shower?”

Oral hygiene is no different, yet the habit is critical to your child’s overall health! The childhood years lay the foundation for a lifetime of dental care. This is why dentists place sealants as soon as a child’s permanent teeth come in. Those babies have to last for 70 more years on average! Developing healthy dental habits early is very important. To facilitate the process we’ve compiled the following list of tips to make polishing the fangs fun!

1. Terrific Toothbrushes: These days, the options are endless when it comes to fun brushes made specifically to entertain kids. These can be found in the shape of Disney characters, superheroes, and even animals! Some brushes light up for a minute or two to facilitate timed brushing, or have spinning heads that can clean more effectively!

2. Tasty Toothpaste: We adults may think peppermint is great, but it can be a bit overpowering in a little mouth. Leading toothpaste companies now make unique pastes in flavors such as strawberry, orange and watermelon.

3. Ticking Timer: Often enough, young children haven’t gotten the knack of brushing every surface of their teeth. To combat this, it’s important to make sure they’re brushing for 2-3 minutes on average. As mentioned above, a brush that glows or flashes can help with timed brushing. Other popular methods include minute glasses or wind-up timers.

4. Dratted Disclose Tablets: These are small chewable pills you can find at your dentist’s office, that leave a colored residue wherever there is plaque on your child’s teeth. This can help them identify where they need to brush more carefully.

5. Caring Company: Kids learn most things by example. If nothing else works, try brushing your teeth together at night. They’ll look up to you and imitate your methods. Plus, their toothpaste probably tastes better than yours does!

6. Practice with the Pros: When you take your child in for a check-up, our staff here at Windsor Family Dentistry will make sure to instruct them in the very best methods of dental care.

Developing healthy brushing habits early is essential! Believe us – we see the results daily!

Farewell to the Dental Dark Ages!

Plagued with an unsightly smile? Has years of coffee consumption yellowed your teeth? No worries!

Here at Windsor Family Dentistry, we are living in the future of dental care, and it’s improving daily! Where once crooked, decaying, and even missing teeth were a dreaded eventuality, we can now combat these villainous conditions with the power of cosmetic dentistry, right here in Windsor!

The dental repair technologies we take for granted today haven’t always been so easily accessible. Archeologists have uncovered evidence suggesting that people have been using crowns to repair chipped or broken teeth since as early as 200 CE, in Etruscan (Roman) cultures. These were frequently crafted from gold and reserved only for aristocrats – not kids who chip their teeth skateboarding!

Here at Windsor Family Dentistry, we offer dental technology such as bonding (reparations and fillings utilizing a resin-based material) and veneers (a thin, customized layer of porcelain used to reshape a damaged tooth). These long-lasting repairs can be applied to your smile with no discomfort, and at a reasonable price!

And what would the ancients do if your teeth fell out? Like crowns, dentures were also invented by the Etruscans, who used animal or human teeth to replace their missing ones. More recently, President George Washington possessed a pair of dentures made from hippopotamus ivory, human teeth, and pieces of horse teeth. Only very recently has tooth loss not been viewed as a simple fact of growing old.

In modern times we have not only made enormous advances in preserving the life of your teeth, but also in replacing them safely and comfortably if they do require extraction. At Windsor Family Dentistry, we have been thoroughly trained in the latest dental implant technology. With a dental implant, the artificial tooth is fixed in the jaw bone like your real teeth were. This allows for a strong, long-lasting alternative to a smoothie diet!

Call us today and regain your prefect smile!


Teeth are funny things.


Teeth are funny things. We all use them daily without so much as a thought – until our bi-annual checkups. Impress the staff here at Windsor Dentistry with your mastery of tooth trivia with these fun facts!

1.     One quarter of all adults in the US have lost all their teeth.

2.     Tooth enamel is the hardest part of the human body. Harder than bones!

3.     Tooth decay is the second most common disease after the common cold.

4.     We produce 100,000 gallons of saliva in our lifetime which helps prevent tooth decay by dissolving food and keeping it from sticking to our teeth.

5.     Teeth start to form long before we’re born.

6.     Sharks grow around 40 sets of teeth in their lifetime.

7.     Dentists would recommend that you keep your toothbrush at least six feet away from the toilet to prevent contact with airborne particles that result from flushing.

8.     Your teeth are as unique as your fingerprints.

9.     False teeth were used as early as the 8th century BCE.

10.  The first braces were made in France in 1728, and were made of a strip of metal attached to the teeth using pieces of thread

Quick and Easy Tips for Good Oral Hygiene!

Let’s be honest. Life is hectic. It can be hard enough keeping pace with work, friends, and the latest from Downton Abbey, without having to stress about dental hygiene. Here at Windsor Family Dentistry, we understand the dilemma, plus we see the effects on your teeth every time you come in for a checkup. Allow us to make your life easier and your smile’s life longer by coming in for regular appointments and by following these quick, easy tips:
1. It’s widely recommended that for optimal oral hygiene you should brush your teeth after every meal. However, if you don’t have the time a quick rinse with fluoride or even water can keep your teeth strong and free of lodged, decay-causing food.

2. Need to munch on the run? Try apples, carrots, or other hard vegetables. These are naturally abrasive, and can help remove plaque from between and on the surface of your teeth. Plus they’re healthy for the rest of your body too.

3. Dreading the chore of flossing? Keep your teeth and the circulation in your fingers by using floss picks. They’ve been proven to be just as effective as traditional floss, but dramatically easier to grip, allowing for a faster, easier flossing experience.

4. Avoid gummy or sticky sweets like taffy. These can leave a decay-causing residue on your teeth hours after you enjoy them. If you do choose to eat them, do so after a meal. When eaten alone, they are more likely to remain stuck between your teeth.

5. Cut back on the soda! The majority of soft drinks not only contain large quantities of sugar but acids as well. Frequent consumption can weaken the enamel on your teeth making them softer and more susceptible to decay.

6. And of course, make time every day for brushing your teeth twice and flossing once! These are our best and most trusted weapons against tooth decay and gum disease!

If you have any questions about your oral care, or making good oral hygiene a part of your family’s routine, call us today at (970) 686-1186.

This is going to be a year to smile about!

It’s that time of year again when the New Year’s resolutions are in full swing and ready to be kept. Why not change it up a bit this year and go for something a little different? Usually people have resolutions to work out more, or promise themselves more sleep. Don’t get us wrong, those are great resolutions. Everyone should be healthier and want to take better care of themselves. But what we are suggesting is another resolution that puts your health first. Your oral health.

We all have those bad habits that unfortunately we’re not proud of when it comes to our oral health. Things such as saying, “I’m so tired I don’t feel like brushing tonight. I’ll just brush extra-long in the morning,” or “I should floss but I’m already running late to work.”

It’s time to leave these excuses in 2013! This year will be a time to start getting your dental health back on track.

Your goal can be as simple as brushing after every meal (when possible), avoiding sugary foods (this has more benefits beyond your teeth), making an effort to regularly schedule your appointments with your dentist, or just being conscious about the care of your teeth. We promise it’ll be a resolution you can keep and will want to keep.

Even making a competition out of a healthy New Year’s resolution can be fun and engaging for the whole family. Something like, “Who can floss the most consecutive days in a row?” or giving a prize to the family member who has the best visit to the dentist. It’s an easy way to motivate and inspire family members to improve their oral health in 2014.

When reflecting on what your New Year’s resolutions will be this year, we earnestly suggest a resolution for a healthier and happier smile in 2014. And it all starts with consciously taking better care of your teeth by remembering to brush more, floss more, visit your dentist more, and, most importantly, show off those pearly whites more. This is going to be a year to smile about!



Beyond General Dentistry

“General dentistry” is a common term used in advertisements, business cards and websites all of the time. Because of that, the term can carry little weight and can be rather meaningless in today’s world. Dentistry is often seen as a bi-annual routine where you show up for your appointment and somehow your dentist remembers everything about you, even though you meet but twice a year.

For some of you, twice a year is enough. Your teeth are white, they look clean and straight, and a smile comes with no reservations. For another portion of the population though, you cover your teeth with your hands, hiding your happiness due to embarrassment. If this sounds familiar, come see us at Windsor Family Dentistry, where general dentistry means more than taking care of your teeth. Here, we offer first-class care, centered on creating beautiful, healthy smiles that you can be confident in.

If you suffer from embarrassing dental issues, talk to us. That’s why we’re here! As a financial advisor will create a path to your financial success, we will create a path to your “smile success.” This is where we leave the meaningless term of “general dentistry” behind and really look at how we can improve your life.

Think about the importance of your smile. You may be on the job hunt, going on a first date, or about to make a big presentation. The last thing you want to worry about is your teeth. Talk to us about this the next time you are in the office because this is what we’re here for. Getting the chance to help you is why we are in the healthcare profession.

“General Dentistry” is a term of the past. A term used for doctors that are not in it for the overall health and happiness of their patients. Next time you come in for your appointment, talk to us about your oral health and aesthetics needs. We would be more than happy to get to know you and your smile.  

Welcome to Windsor Family Dentistry!

Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope when you are searching for dentists in Windsor, you will think of Windsor Family Dentistry.  Our goal is to provide a website that is informative and resourceful and will help to educate you about many of the aspects of dentistry like preventive dentistry, cosmetics, implants and other exciting innovations available to patients today!


Swimming pools, bicycles, movies, dentists… In Windsor, kids aren’t making plans that involve teeth cleaning and x-rays. Summer is supposed to be all fun, right? True, but with schedules that are more flexible, it really is the best time to visit Windsor Family Dentistry.

Your children will feel comfortable with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Catching any potential problems early will alleviate more costly procedures later, and it’s a great time to reinforce good dental hygiene habits. You won’t have to push brushing and flossing on top of homework, studying for tests, and after-school activities.

Getting the kids’ appointments in early during summer vacation will also give you time to schedule at your convenience should your child need a follow-up appointment.

Give yourself peace of mind and your kids the rest of the summer for fun and games. Call Windsor Family Dentistry today to make an appointment. 970-686-1186.